We all have that one burning desire that we long for. The one that makes our heart ping. Ready to manifest it?

 Let me guess...

You want it so bad, right?

You can't stop thinking about it? You know deep down that you are obsessing over it?

You keep telling yourself to surrender but you just can't loosen your grip?

You know there must be some blocks but not sure what they are or how to release them?

You try and do the inner work but crave a guided process so you can smash those beliefs?

You have applied the process but nothing seems to be working?

You are ready to take action but not sure what action to take?

I see you. I feel you! I hear you!


So, let's get clear, unblocked and aligned AF in just three calls with me.


The 1-2-1 Manifestation Intensive calls (these are similar to my hugely successful Alchemy Calls) will have you:

- Super clear on your goal's vision and the action to take so you can start moving forwards towards your goal.

- Energetically aligned so you are a magnet for your desires.

- Mindset on point so those limiting beliefs no longer hold you back. You will feel free and more motivated than ever before!

- Clear AF on how to move forward so you can manifest with more ease and grace.

Manifestation can be confusing especially with so much conflicting information out there. So let's get super clear so you are on track to manifesting your goal! 

By the end of the calls you will come away feeling clearer and more motivated than ever before. You will finally know what it feels like to get into alignment. You will feel inspired and excited. You will feel super connected with your guides and angels, knowing your spiritual team has your back.

Now I can't promise manifesting unicorns or hot celebrity husbands (is possible) but what I can offer is the clarity and tools to get you ALIGNED AF! 

Sounds good right? 

Not to forget, these calls are perfect if you want a taste of what 1-2-1 coaching is like. Most of my programs have been built from the perspective of what would have benefitted me during my mindset and manifestation journey. I would have loved the 1-2-1 big frills coaching packages but wanted to dip my toes in a little bit to see the impact and transformation - and this is why I am offering these calls. 

Scroll further to take look at what some of my clients have been saying...



What is included...


Call 1 - Crystal Clear

In this session we focus on creating your compelling vision for your burning manifestation desire. Unpacking what this feels like and how you can become more energetically aligned. During this session you will also receive your Numerology Soul Blueprint reading. 

Assigned Homework - yes you are getting homework! 

* Numerology reading -full payment bonus

*Please note I also use Angel Cards to help support my sessions. 

Call 2 - Shift & Rewire

In this call we start unpacking, shifting and rewiring those limiting beliefs you have so you can move forward fearlessly towards your goal. You will come away with a rewiring plan to help penetrate your mind with a new empowering narrative that is aligned with your goals. 

Call 3 - Implement

In this call, we apply my 5 step juicy manifestation process and explore ways in which you can connect with your higher self/angels/guides to help assist you on your path. I love it when my clients start getting their signs! So cool!

What my beautiful clients are saying....


Holly Wright

Rachel’s 1:1 Alchemy Call was instrumental in moving me forward with my business goals. Her reading of my tantric numerology chart and manifestation advice was incredible in evolving me to my next-level mindset. Among the MANY takeaways I had from the call, uncovering the true roots of my money mindset and learning how to FINALLY break through my (now old!) limiting money beliefs is one that I immediately noticed a shift. Her clear explanations and tools on how to tap into my feminine energy will also be huge in helping me to not only manifest, but to feel better. Rachel was very generous with the time and love she put into our Alchemy Call. I felt so supported and was able to reach out after the call too. Our shared Google Drive has so many supporting resources and so much value, I can’t wait to use it all. Thank you Rachel!


I am not sure how I found Rachel but I am so glad I did. Rachel’s work can only be described as magical.  Having completed an Alchemy Call with her I was surprised that in a short space of time she helped me start to work on the inner beliefs which were not serving me within my business and life. Though I know mindset work is an ongoing piece I was able to come away from the call with some practices I am still implementing that have truly helped negate my limiting beliefs. 


Marie Young

You know how everyone should have a financial advisor? Well, Rachel is your spiritual advisor. The session I had with her was eye opening and mind-blowing; she takes "woo and do" approach to a level I've never experienced before. Elevated, intuitive, connected and brilliant, she also happens to be funny and relatable, and just as down to earth as she is spiritual. Thanks to this one session, I now have a clear action plan for a big goal of mine, as well as a newly open line of communication with my angels and a much clearer understanding of my own soul. I highly, highly recommend booking a session for yourself. 

Working with Rachel...

Rachel is a spiritual author and teacher specialising in mindset, manifestation. Trained in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, Numerology, and Reiki, Rachel will help you to shift any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Rachel's intuitive gifts allow her to guide you further to achieve your goals.

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Pay in full


  • 3 x 1 hour calls recorded via Zoom
  • 1 Numerology Soul Blueprint reading (full payment bonus).

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  • 3 x 1 hour calls recorded via Zoom