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Are You Ready to Unlock the Manifestation Code?


Are you ready to manifest all your desires?

The dream career, relationships, finances, lifestyle - you can have it all!

In this course you will learn the code and the essential ingredients that are needed to become a master manifester. 

Expect magic to happen!

This Course is perfect for you if: 

You still can't wrap your head around manifestation or just want to learn more about the process.

You are tired of hearing conflicting ways on how to manifest in the online space and want a clear approach that has eliminated the BS for you.

You haven’t got the time to read through endless books trying to make sense of the jargon.

You are overwhelmed with the whole thing and want a clear and simple strategy that you can incorporate in your busy life.

I feel you! When I first started to study manifestation I yearned for something or somebody to show me the way. Someone who could guide me on a clear process that really works! All I kept seeing was conflicting outdated information and courses demanding heavy investment. 

Well, it is my time to give this gift to you and share with you the code so you don’t have to spend all the years studying as I did. Finally, a course that is easy to follow, provides you with the tools to become a magnet to your desires and won’t break the bank! 

The Unlock the Manifestation Code is the perfect 101 on the REAL way to manifest! I will debunk those manifestation myths, share the manifestation process that has proven to be a hit with my clients!  And of course, make manifestation fun and easy for you to apply within your busy day!

You will uncover the: 

  • What manifestation really is
  • Manifestation myths debunked
  • My successful manifestation process that has produced amazing results (just check out the testimonials!)
  • Effective manifestation practices and rituals to make you a magnet AF
  • The critical link between manifestation and the mind
  • The way the mind works and how to start shifting limiting beliefs that are holding you back and rewire your mind for success
  • The top tip that I only recently discovered!

Keep scrolling to find out what is included and what our students are saying...

Manifestation Wins!

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Brittany McGarry

I originally stumbled upon Rachel's Quarter Life Funk Podcast by accident and immediately followed her on Instagram. Ever since I found her, I had this little voice continue to pull me in her direction - listening to her podcasts, responding to her inspirational posts, and finally taking the leap of joining her through the first Aligned and Abundant Academy. After four weeks of her program, I knew that I was meant to cross paths with this amazing woman. Throughout her academy, she not only helped me begin manifesting opportunities, but manifest items and financial gains I couldn't believe were possible for me!
The most important piece to Rachel's academy however is the deep inner work she requires of each student. When I saw this as part of the program, I was pretty hesitant because I have a decently dark past that I would much rather not talk or think about. Rachel made me feel safe and understood and eventually motivated me to work through those inner demons I never dealt with that continued to fester into my present-day mindset without even realizing it; and believe it or not, once I began tackling forgiving myself for what I have experienced and come to peace with my past, only THEN was I able to start living in the present. Once those tides changed, I began manifesting the most insane things into my life. I'm a HS English Teacher, yet I somehow managed to get a raise due to being given an extra study hall (no extra work, just extra cash!), my coaching stipend was raised by $1500 per season ($3000 total), my fiancé and I were gifted a FREE honeymoon to Puerto Rico by family of his I had never met and he rarely speaks to, a new car (2016 Chevy Impala - again FOR FREE. Family "never uses it, so here's your wedding present early"), and two sessions of couples massages from a lost gift card I found during Christmas time I completely forgot about.
Finding Rachel and her mentorship has been one of the best things to happen in my life. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I HIGHLY recommend you go to her running! Her heart is pure, and helping others is a passion we share - which is why I believe I trust her as much as I do. Thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do Rachel!
I am so ready for this!


Was £97 NOW £45 only! (11:11 SPECIAL)

X 1 payment

  • Video Training
  • Approx 2 hours 
  • Value Filled Workbook jam packed with journal prompts 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: Manifestation Hypnosis
  • Bonus: Angel Number Cheat Sheet 
  • Bonus: Not So Basic Bitch Vision Board Training (for your manifestation type featuring Human Design)
  • Bonus: Money Manifestation Hypnosis
I am so ready for this!
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