Now, we all got sh*t to do. So I am not going to bore you with the all deets! And, if you have read the book you probably already do! #oversharing

But in a nutshell, I was going through my quarter-life funk. I was no longer vibing with my current reality and did not want to settle for a mediocre life. I had this inner niggle that there was more out there for me.

I was constantly asking myself:

 Is this it?

Am I where am I supposed to be?

If this was not enough, at the same time I was going through my spiritual awakening and Saturn Return. I started to soon realise that there was more to life than the physical things my dry, contact-lens-covered eyes could see. My soul was screaming at me to wake up and smell the coffee. I could not shake off this feeling that there was some sort of hidden mystique, magic, and power that I was not tapping into and this would be key to changing my life.

With Saturn nudging me to get real with life and this quest to find the truth behind the niggle, my once cheery and sociable self turned into a moody 20-something on a mission. I was determined to quench my insatiable thirst to find the answers to my big questions about life and my role in it. With the help of Amazon Prime, my bed was consistently splattered with new books detailing the latest findings of personal development, spirituality, astrology, numerology, metaphysics, and psychology. 

 Once I cracked the code, the random money windfalls, all-expenses paid trips, crazy synchronistic events, and other weird shizzle started to come into my life, confirming once and for all that yes, I could create my own reality. I could live life by my own design. But it soon dried up and the big dreams were not coming in!

So back to the drawing board and then I had my eureka moment! I had to level up! I had to heal! I had to remove limitations and rewire my subconscious programming. I had to go back to painful moments in my earlier 20's of experiencing a narcissistic abusive relationship. 

 Since then I have  manifested a lot of amazing shizzle and an awesome life of abundance! Love, luxe-travel, purpose, friendships, experiences, and money to name a few!

Fast forward to today... I wrote a book, launched a podcast and created several programs to help women reconnect with their higher selves and manifest an abundant life. The journey has been amazing, not only for myself but for my amazing readers, listeners and clients! 

The REAL truth about manifesting the life of your dreams, is that its not all rainbows and unicorns. It is not the simple case of wishful thinking, visualising and good vibes! It requires deep inner work, sometimes painful lessons for us to return to our limitless selves. It is a journey where we are pushed to reconnect with our higher self - the queen you have always been. 

I am not here to sugar coat but I am here to give you the shortcuts and secrets so you can arrive at your final dream destination a lot sooner than I have! 

So come join me! Either come hang with me on the gram, grab a copy of my book, tune into an episode of the podcast or join my high vibe Facebook group community.